Sunday, April 12, 2015


This is for Heather-- I have been on 2 hiking trips and I want to share some of the pictures.
Zion National Park. Emerald Pools Trail

Lower Emerald Pool-- they haven't had much rain/snow this year.

The Virgin River has done a great job making this canyon!

This begins my Lower Antelope Canyon Trip. We camped at Lake Powell. You can tell they haven't had much water either.

Just looks like a crack in the ground... silly white men- not noticing what is there and giving the Navajo's what they thought was worthless land!

First view down the slot canyon

A little anxiety for me going down these stairs. I learned on this trip that I really hate ledges.

Sometimes it was a tight squeeze through the slot canyon.

Notice the sand on the wall-- they dump sand down the canyon so it is easier to walk through.

Peter Lik sold a photo entitled Phantom-- his Navajo guide threw sand in the air and he snapped a picture. Look it up. It is amazing. This is my Navajo guide doing the same thing, to show us the pillar of light. 

We ended the trip by going to Horseshoe Bend. It was stunning. I really want to raft the Grand Canyon now. Read the book The Emerald Mile for more history-- so fascinating. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

August Furlough

I have had a good Summer. Work has stayed steady-- which has helped tremendously as a 2 week furlough was not part of my Summer plans. But, I took full advantage of it and got out of AZ! YAY!
First stop-- Las Vegas. My good friend Darlene, has freinds that live there so we were able to stay with them! 
Hoover Dam! I am always a little sad to see how low the water line is. This was my first time here with the new bridge. So nice!

Coke tasting! I tried 13 out of 14. I already knew the one from Italy was awful so I didn't even try it. It was fun to taste all the others. Most I liked.

I love M&M's. I got a nice little I wish I had a nice BIG bag! So fun to see this huge wall--this is only a very small portion of it!

I just love Gordon Ramsay! He was 3 restaurants in Vegas. This is his Pub. I had fish and chips--so good!  

Bellagio atrium. So pretty!
Next stop was Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival. We got to see 2 plays--"Into the Woods" and "Sense and Sensibility".  Both were so fantastic. We were on the front row for both!!! I kind of want to make that a yearly event-- I love live plays/musicals!
 Then, up to the valley. I normally try to see a lot of people when I am in Utah. Sadly this time I just didn't have a lot of time. But, I did get a good visit in with my brother and his family. Hooray!
Stopped at BYU MOA to see the CUT exhibit. Costumes from movies. It was really cool.


Headed to Minnetonka Caves

a deer--in daylight! 

This AZ girl was FREEZING in the 40* cave!

Bear Lake really is beautiful

our home for 2 nights! Little tent was just for gear.

We used coals first night..had a fire the next time..but we are not talented at getting a blazing fire :(

When on a beach--build something!

Even though the water was FREEZING-- it was so fun to get out there on that trampoline for an hour! I would totally do that again!

Bear Lake is known for raspberries. The shakes were TASTY! 

The reason for a little flame--lighter fluid! HA!
It was a great trip! So glad I could be out there. I want to go back to Bear Lake! I came home to news that my sister was moving to UT. I am happy for her. AZ won't be as much fun without her! Miss those kids already!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Catch Up

Busy season is winding down. That means I finally have a moment to breathe...whew! I am always so grateful for when the Spa gets busy. It means the things I have been putting off can finally be taken care of. Since I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary with the Spa I feel like I have a better handle on things. Not perfect, but better. I was feeling so proud of myself for tucking money away for slow season and then it was announced that the Spa would be closed for 2 weeks in August. Yep, totally closed and totally leaving me without any form of a paycheck. That's what I get for feeling proud of myself;-) My savings doesn't cover a whole paycheck! That's ok. I have learned that when I do the things I should do, the Lord provides a way. ALWAYS. I have had a few more private clients and the spa has stayed somewhat busy. We are doing better than we were last year. To me-- that is a testament to stay faithful. My body has definitely been feeling the effects of busy season. Soreness!!! I love what I do, so it's ok :-)

I got to go on a GRAND adventure.  A friend, Marie, and I attended a singles conference in Huntington Beach, CA. There were over 900 people there!!! It was truly a lot crazy. We had fun--- just see below!
Knottsberry Farm-- Good to go once, don't know that I would go again. My head can't take rollercoasters anymore.

The BEACH! Cold water!!! But so lovely!

USS Iowa. A retired battleship. This is on Catalina Island. It was neat to tour. Can't imagine being in the Navy on one of these!!!!

Huntington Beach close to sunset

Best way to get a "pedicure" walk along the beach! I think the day before when I was throwing the frisbee around I burned the bottoms of my toes! HOT sand!

Disney California Adventure. I would SO go back!! Disney may be expensive, but so worth it! LOVED IT!

Cars Land was really like walking along the "set" of the movie. They did a fantastic job!

This ride was ok... If not for a fastpass I don't know that I would have stood in line for it.

I loved the little maters!!!! So cute!
Tower of Terror was my FAVORITE! I loved it. We rode it twice. I could have ridden it all day long.
No pics of the actual conference... didn't really meet any guys... and it was just crazy. 

I went on a night hike last week. It was intense. Peralta Trail. 4.5 miles roundtrip. 1,400 ft elevation gain. At night..... I think I lose my sense of balance at night. Thank goodness I had hiking poles! Glad I did it. It was long, not knowing where I was going, but the moon rise was amazing! Wish my camera did better at night.
Me and Marie-- grateful for good friends!

Sunset on the hike

This is the night after the "honeymoon" night, but still the June full moon. Just BEAUTIFUL!
I'm grateful for the fun things I have been able to do recently. More good times to come!